Kids Classes

Zumba Kids

Zumba Kids Jr.

If your little ones have lots of energy to burn and love to wiggle and giggle, come join our class tailored specifically with kids in mind. Easy to follow routines paired up with fun cool music will allow your children to develop a sense of rhythm and coordination while getting some exercise. So let’s get them healthy…ditch the iPad and we’ll have them waving their arms, kicking up their heels, boosting self- confidence, and grooving like a star. Trust us, we’ve put equal thought into our kids’ choreography as we have for the grown-ups!


Mami & Me

Mami & Me Little Explorers

Mami&Me is packed with exciting ways for your children to play and learn! Children will stretch their minds by exercising their bodies and imaginations in discovery, learning by topics, story time, art craft, music and dancing elements classes. You and your child will build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships.

Mami&Me Preschool充满了各种让孩子们兴奋的学习方式,能够在玩耍的同时获得知识!孩子们在探索中 即锻炼了身体又丰富了想象力,通过各种话题、故事时间、美工、音乐和舞蹈元素的课程不断开阔孩子们 的眼界。在这其中,你将会陪伴着你的孩子将会增加创造力,提升自信同时增加了亲子时间。

Mami&Me Little Explorers is a 90-minute classed focused on self-discovery and creativity. Through experimentation your tot will be enchanted through songs, movements, stories and art. Join us and share beautiful “first times” with your baby! Toddlers 1-3 years old.

Mami&Me Little Explorers是一门90分钟的课程,通过实验,通过歌曲、运动、故事和美术来提高自我发现 和创造的能力,因此您的孩子会深深着迷。加入我们,和你的小婴儿们一起来分享我们美妙的歌曲“第一次”!适合1-3岁的蹒跚学步者!

Kids Ballet

Toddler Ballet

Kids Ballet will introduce your little ballerina to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Your youngsters will be engaged through dance music and play. This class teach basic concepts of classical ballet, movement, music appreciation, and poise. Grab your ballet slippers, kids, and get ready to skip, leap, and laugh! No previous experience required.
Ages 5-6 years old / 6-8 years old.

Kids Ballet将给你们的小芭蕾舞者们用一种结构清晰而又有趣的方法介绍一些基本的芭蕾词汇和技巧。通过舞蹈、音乐和歌剧等形式孩子们会深深融入其中。这个课程教授一些基本的古典芭蕾的概念、动作、音乐欣赏和平衡等。带上你的芭蕾鞋,孩子们,准备好跳跃欢笑吧!无需任何经验。适合5-6岁/6- 8岁的孩子们。

Toddler ballet will introduce your child to a world of dance in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. Your tots will learn simple coordination, musicality, rhythm, flexibility, and concentration. We will focus on self-expression and creative movement while using fun props and different styles of music. Grab your tutus toddlers and get ready to dance!
Ages 3-4 years old.

Toddler Ballet 将会在一种积极且具有培养性的氛围给你的孩子介绍一个舞蹈的世界。你的孩子们将会学会简单的协调动作、乐感、节奏、灵活性和专注能力。我们将通过使用一些有趣的小道具和不同类型的音乐来重点关注自我表达和创造性的动作。带上你的芭蕾裙准备好跳舞吧!适合3-4岁的孩子。

ZFly Aerial Kids

Comprehensive Dance for Kids

It’s time for all our girls and boys to have tons of fun, as we now have the opportunity for them to explore their mind and body connection at a young age. Yoga in general helps enhance balance, flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Your kids will not only learn the physical aspects of yoga, they will also develop concentration, self-esteem, confidence, and tools for meditation and centering. We will begin each class with an introduction to the aerial hammock, and how to safely use it. Throughout the class, they will explore the blending of aerial circus skills inside a mindful setting (all at their own individual pace). These sessions are a great way for kids to explore their natural creativity and playfulness, as they are encouraged to learn and challenge themselves.

with Mia
Combines the foundation of ballet, Chinese classical dance and folk dance elements for kids. They will study the foundation and backbone of dance. The class will fully inspire, and drum up their interest in their perception of contemporary dance. Regular dance practice can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in our curriculum will improve their muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination, and improve their overall cardiovascular health. In their final session, each child will also perform to show their newly developed skills and what they have learned throughout the term.
Ages 6-8 years old.

Chinese and Folk Dance

Hip Hop Kids

Modern Dance

with Cici
Based on Chinese dancing elements and blends several movements including ground / barre combinations, and small dances to create a solid foundation for kids to develop a strong body and mind. In their final session, each child will also perform to show their newly developed skills and what they have learned throughout the term.
Ages 6-8 years old.

with Zia
These classes will focus on basic hip hop training for kids. They will go through the basics and slowly adding small routines, building a solid foundation to cultivate their musical and dance interests. The knowledge of learning new dance moves will help them build their self-confidence, which comes when they perform in front of one another. Because hip hop dances require a lot of energy, the physicality of it will help them stay more physically fit and they will increase flexibility. In their final session, each child will also perform to show their newly developed skills and what they have learned throughout the term.
Ages 6-10 years old.

This class will help children expand their range of motion as it’s contemporary style will strengthen their body articulation and is great for those who love different styles of music. Children will learn how to put movements together, and explore elements of energy, space and time in depth. Skills will be developed through expressive ideas, where your children will learn body mechanics, gain strength and flexibility, and increase range of motion and coordination. It’s the perfect way to express their innermost emotions and feelings through dancing (loose cotton clothing recommended).